Testing Application Interaction with Unavailable Web Service – Mock Servers

While the applications are being developed, there are several states when the dependencies are not yet available. But the applications are built with certain assumptions (or published design) about the dependent third party behavior. It is very common in today’s micro service based architecture where interfacing micro services are being developed in parallel and testing requires the other service to be available. It is preferable to have the application tested during the development phase itself so as to eliminate the obvious failure scenarios and tackle unexpected responses.

If the developer is familiar with writing unit tests, such dependencies are generally met using mock objects. Synonymous equivalent of mock objects in end to end testing are mock servers. Mock servers are those dummies which are programmed to behave like a real application in order to achieve the timely testing of a given application when the dependency is still unavailable. Continue reading “Testing Application Interaction with Unavailable Web Service – Mock Servers”